Drunk drivers will get the chance to meet their victims by working in the morgue

Drivers that were caught drunk behind the wheel will be forced to work in the morgue. The new punishment was suggested by the Criminal Justice Inspectorate in hopes that this method will make drivers more responsible. Employees claim that a 47 000 lei fine does not scare many from drunk driving. This fact is proven by the increased number of sanctioned issued in 2017, which grew from 700 and reached 3 000 cases.

"Increasing the fine did not prove to be efficient. If a person is caught two, or three times drunk driving they might forever lose their driver's license" Chief of Criminal Justice Inspectorates, Ghenadie Cioban said.

"They cause chaos on the streets. This punishment would at least make them realize the consequences of such actions."

"In place of a morgue, they should be sent to prisons. The morgue will not change their behavior, but the latter at least has a chance."

The necessity to make the punishment for drunk drivers more sever was also spoken at the Government's session by Pavel Filip.

"Latest accidents caused by drunk drivers that I have seen resulted in people dying. Let us analyse this, I wait for you to forward suggestions and whether more strict punishments are in order" Pavel Filip said,

Representatives from the Department of Penitentiary Institutions claims that each case must be carefully examined to avoid errors.

"We have people serving 6 months. It is obvious that this person is spending his time with people who committed more grave crimes. I don't think the state has anything to win from this" representative of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions, Ion Rusu said.

At the moment, 279 people from Moldova are serving time for drunk driving.

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