Drunk drivers deprived license four years

Drivers who are caught driving drunk will be deprived of license for four years and must pass driving school again to take back license. 

The bill to establish new punishments has been approved at the first reading. 

Moreover, the document stipulates that the driver will be obliged to work community services up to 240 hours, depending on the severity of problem. 

"I want to say that it's the right to regain it after four years, it's not mandatory. If the convict does not want this, he may not regain that right, "said Veaceslav Sîrbu, representative of the Legal Service of INP .

Additionally, some deputies have proposed to tighten the punishment for persons who ignore patrol inspectors' signal.

"At the moment, because drivers do not stop at the inspector's signal, they receive a fine of no more than 500 lei,"said PDM deputy, Cornel Dudnic.

The document also stipulates that the driver's car will be transported to a special car park if the car can not be driven by a passenger who accompanies the suspect.

Each hour of parking will cost from 15 to 40 lei, depending on the type of vehicle. Also, to speed up to 20 km per hour, the maximum fine will increase from 600 to 900 lei. Those who exceed the speed by more than 40 km per hour will be sanctioned with up to 1,800 lei, compared to 1,500 lei, as it is today.

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