Drunk and without driving license motorcyclist involved in accident in Ocniţa

A drunk and without driving license motorcyclist was involved in an accident in Ocniţa. According to the information, the man, aged 28, wasn’t wearing safety helmet, and because of the excessive speed lost the control of the handle bar and inversed.

Moreover, the patrol inspectors stated that the motorcycle wasn’t submitted to technical revision, having technical defects in the illuminating and signaling luminous appliances, without the protection wings in the right side of the wheels, the lack of the reflector mirrors and without having the state registration document of the car.

As a result of the accident, the man received serious injuries.

The alcoholscopic test showed that the driver had an alcohol concentration of 0,66 mg/l in the expired air.

For the driving of a transport mean in advanced drunkness state, the legislation stipulates a fine of 37.500 to 42.500 lei or with unpaid work in the community’s benefit of 200 to 240 hours, in both cases with the deprivation f the right to drive transport means on a term of 3 to 5 years.


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