Drugs and Domestic violence in Capital. Another busy night for police officers

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, a man from the capital has beaten his wife out of jealousy, while being guests at his godchildren. The harasser was arrested by police on the request of his victim.

"He came back home Friday evening. My god daughter called me and invited us to her place. He agreed to come, but was already drunk by the time he arrived. By the time I came after work he was dead drunk. He started yelling in her house, grabbed me by the hair and hit me in the head, scared our goddaughter's children" the woman said.

The wife also claims that it is not the first time such thing happened: "It happened at home before, but never to this extend."

"He attacked my godmother and tried to make her sleep with him, scared my 1-year-old child. He even jumped to fight me as well" the goddaughter explained.

The man was escorted to Botanica Police Inspectorate.

"We received an urgent call, a woman said she requested police help, due to her husband beating her while drunk. After arriving on site the man started cursing us. We took him to Botanica Police Inspectorate" officer Oleg Mihăil declared.

Luck left two other young people, of 20-year-old, who were caught while consuming drugs in the Capital. The men were taken to Râşcani Police Inspectorate. They have declared that they found the drugs outside, while on a walk.

Both risk a criminal file for drug consumption.

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