Drochia doctors support the only legitimate Government, the Filip one (DOCUMENT)

Drochia doctors support the only legitimate Government, the Filip one, and urge the political class to dialogue to solve the political crisis of our country.

'We call upon Moldovan people to take part with their correct and civilized attitude to surpass the difficult situation of our country.
The law enforcement, calmness and challenge inadmissions represent today the best demonstrations of Moldovan's patriotism.
We express our support for the Filip Government, the only legitimate and legal Government of the Republic of Moldova, that still continues to fulfill their duties in the country.
We consider that the actual political blockage needs to be overpassed through dialogue inside the political class, based on the law enforcement and honest engagement to find the perfect solution for the country.
We want, along with all Moldovans, our country to continue it's developing and the political conflicts to be solved in a peaceful way, according to the Constitution.
We also want to work further as medical employees in the Republic of Moldova, to ensure qualified medical assistance for all in need.
We warn about the negative impact of the political crisis on our state, especially on our citizen's health.

Now is the time for national solidarity and a common effort to find the best way for the further development of the Republic of Moldova', shows the call of the Drochia doctors.
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