Driving licenses obtained illegally will be annulated

The driving licenses obtained illegally could be annulled. The Government initiated a project of law in this sense and the subject was discussed within the weekly session of the Democratic Party. According to the Public Service Agency, since 2016, there were annulled 43 driving licenses and over 360 are investigated.

"If there will be found driving licenses obtained illegally, or there will be found any frauds within the process of getting a driving license, these will be annulled", said Gheorghe Cretu, the director of the Cars Matriculation Department of the Public Services Agency.

According to PDM, the modifications of the legislation will be made in a short time and the specialized officials will intervene by emergency and stop the phenomenon, as it affects the traffic.

"First of all, it is about a legislative initiative that will stop the frauds. Thus, there will be withdrew the driving license from those who got them illegally", said Vitalie Gămurari, the spokesman of PDM.

PDM will propose to reduce the number of required document within this process.

"For example, the applicants won't need to present the copies of the IDs, but only the copies of the required documents when the applicants take the driving license", said Vitalie Gămurari, the spokesman of PDM.

The subject of the safety within the traffic was discussed last week, within the working session of PDM. The presidents of the democratic party declared that a plan of the zones where occur many road accidents is required. Vlad Plahotniuc said that the way the driving license were released should be assessed.

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