Drivers with tinted car windows to be fined

National Patrol Inspectorate has launched "Umbriş" ("Tint") operation in the whole country. Therefore, officers are looking for drivers whose car's windshield or door windows are tinted.

"Starting yesterday, October 27 2017 and for the next few days officers from the National Police Inspectorate will perform the"Tint" operation in the whole country.

The mission's aim is to prevent accidents, during the cold season with foggy days, by urging drivers to increase their road visibility by giving up on tinted windows.

 Drivers found using tinted windows in traffic will be sanctioned from 600 to 1 200 lei fine with 3 penalty points" wrote the Inspectorate's press statement.

In the past nine months of the year, 3 177 drivers that had tinted car windows were sanctioned.


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