Driver who tried to run over police officers near Moldova 1 placed under house arrest

Court of Appeal has decided to place the driver of the minibus who tried to run over police offices, Alexei Alexeev,  under house arrest. 

PUBLIKA reminds that leaders of Dignity and Truth Platform Party and Party of Action and Solidarity have organized a protest, on 17th of September, in the Great National Assembly Square, afterwards people tried to force their way on the territory of Moldova 1. The aggressive politicians demanded the news channel to call them more often for interview and to broadcast live the protest.

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The protesters tried to enter the territory of National Television Channel using a minibus, endangering the lives of both police officers, as well as other civilians. Luckily law enforcement managed to stop it. 

Four police officers were injured at the violent protests near the national television channel. While some of them took a powerful blow to the head. Is the official statement of the president of "Dignity" syndicate of the police, Mihai Laşcu.


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