Driver who killed 3 persons in a car accident, sentenced to jail

A man from Hincesti has received a jail sentence after making a car accident in which 3 persons died.

According to information, in October 2015, the driver of a MAN type motor tractor, has got onto the wrong lane hitting head-on a car of VAZ model.

The accident took place on the road Chisinau-Hincesti, between villages Fundul Galbenei and Buteni.

Following the impact, the driver and the two passengers of the car have died on the spot.

During the penal investigation, the prosecutors have established that the driver of the motor tractor, aged 29 years, did not even have driving license with the category of the vehicle.

Recently, the man was charged 7 years and 6 months of jail, with taking the amount of 189,000 lei from the account of the defendant, as moral and material prejudice for the victims’ successors.

The sentence has the right of appeal.

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