Draft Broadcasting Code to be widely debated

The proposals to modify the present Audiovisual Code and the new draft Code will be widely debated.

The name of the discussions is “The propaganda and the local product – the challenges of the media space of the Republic of Moldova”. The initiative belongs to the Parliament President Andrian Candu.

The talks will refer to the challenges the Moldovan media market copes with – supporting and developing the national audiovisual products, counteracting the external informational propaganda, protecting the national infospace.

The debates will be joined by MPs, national and international experts, representatives of media, civil society and of developing partners .

”The event will gather authorities, media experts, journalists, NGO representatives so that this country takes over the best European practices and places them into the Audiovisual Code. The conclusions will be applied to enhance the info security and create optimal conditions to develop local TV production. Both the proposals to modify the present Audiovisual Code and the provisions of the new code must be balanced and must offer enough tools to develop the Moldovan media space,” Andrian Candu sdaid.

The debates will take place on July 26, starting at 14.00, in the Radisson Blue Leogrand hotel.

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