DRACONIAN LAW enters force in Moldova banning smoking in public

The Moldovan smokers are not going to enjoy their vice at jobs, in bars, restaurants and night clubs. Starting today, the harshest restriction of the anti-smoking Law enters force prohibiting smokers to light cigarettes in public places.

The smokers are also banned to smoke in bazaars, public transport, taxis, at stations, in parks, at children playing grounds, on stadiums and at events on the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau. The smokers with cigarettes burning will not be able even to enter dwelling blocks.

However it is allowed to smoke on open terraces, in open-air places specially designated for the purpose, situated at a 10-meter distance from the venue, and in one’s dwelling.

The antismoking law stirred upheaval among owners of entertainment facilities and restaurants. Many fear their businesses will suffer, since the smokers will not come in.

However the authorities have stood resilient and left unchanged the provisions of the antismoking law being certain the benefits won’t let themselves be waited for too much.

The fines for breaking the antismoking law go up to 1,400 lei for natural persons and up to 10,000 lei for legal entities (nearly 70 and 500 euros).

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