DPM: Promo-LEX report regarding electoral process promotes fake information

The Democratic Party from Moldova denies the fake information published by Promo-LEX within a report regarding the electoral process. Within a press release, the party says that the report of the association promotes fake information, without explaining it. They also say that this is going to affect the electoral process.

"The Promo-LEX report is not based on any working methodology, it is in fact a set of personal thoughts of a group of observers, probably expressed in terms of their own political choices. Indeed, even Promo-LEX admits that it does not assumes the obligation to test the findings in the report, which clearly indicates their subjective and distorted character.

Promo-LEX has included criticism of some judicial or prosecution bodies in its report, neglecting the principle of the independence of the judiciary, which can be seen as a pressure on the act of justice.

At the same time, there are a series of criticisms of the mixed electoral system, against the existing legal framework, and without at least value judgments about how to apply this legal framework. Disagreeing with the legal framework, opposed to it, the authors of the report can not provide an objective evaluation of its implementation. We would point out that the voting system in Moldova is neutral in relation to all political actors, just like any other democratic voting system, which Promo-LEX was supposed to take into account.

Promo-LEX's conclusions on the citizens' right to vote and permission to vote on election day raises multiple questions as to Promo-LEX's intentions, being contradictory to other previous public statements by the organization.

We categorically reject the allegations of PDM's use of administrative resources simply because Parliament and the Government have adopted various social measures in the latter months. These allegations neglect the process and the long-term effort to build macro-financial stability and the projects outlined. Elections are frequent in a democracy (may be local, parliamentary, presidential elections), and if we apply such a logic would mean that Parliament and the Government could no longer fulfill their duties for fear that any social measures could be defined as electoral memories.

PDM considers that report no. 1 electoral monitoring by Promo-LEX is a document that requires objectivity, more professionalism, deeper analysis.

Society must be informed objectively and equally about how to organize the electoral process. The allegations must be factually and objectively confirmed and the election monitoring process must be based on international best practices and standards.

All this makes Promo-LEX's mission extremely important.

We credit Promo-LEX and express our willingness to be available, to have open and transparent talks to avoid moral fraud by taking on an objective election objectively apparent but tendentious in the outcome", says the press release issued by PDM.


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