DPM launched new initiative for ACUM. What did the alliance reply

The executive council of the Democratic Party from Moldova decided to invite ACUM to a new dialogue.

The initiative was announced by Andrian Candu, DPM vice-president. He pointed out that DPM has the initiative to keep their flexibility in order to find the best solutions for the citizens.

Andrian Candu reminded that unfortunately, ACUM rejected DPM's proposal for a further coalition.


"We regret that ACUM hurried and rejected our invitation. It is bad that we don't talk to each other, but only in press. If ACUM leaders accepted the dialogue, they would have noticed that DPM is a flexible team and we respect our responsibilities. We would have discussed about the responsibilities that each of us has", declared Andrian Candu.

DPM President added that the compromises are possible within the country's development.

Andrian Candu also said that in case ACUM will refuse this dialogue, they will meet to discuss about the party's further actions.



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