DPM is the first electoral party who signed the Declaration of Conduct for Elections

The Democratic Party of Moldova is the first electoral contestant to sign the Declaration of Conduct for the parliamentary elections and the consultative referendum on 24 February.

The announcement was made by the Central Electoral Commission.   

The statement refers to the observance of the conditions and the way of financial, material and non-material support of the electoral campaign.

By signing this document, the electoral competitors assume the responsibility to comply with the legal provisions in this respect.

More specifically, it is about ensuring transparency in the process of funding and supporting the electoral campaign, counteracting abuses, including administrative resources, and creating uniform standards of behavior.

Also, CEC previously presented the Code of Conduct on the conduct and coverage of the electoral campaign.

At the beginning of December, the Democratic Party of Moldova came with a request in this regard to ensure the correctness of the electoral process.

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