DPM gives up on power, but the constitutional crisis remains unsolved

DPM vice president, Vladimir Cebotari after the National Politics Council of DPM: We discussed about the political situation of the country and about the refusal of the other parties to solve this problem. DPM is ready to give any judicial solutions. We have some solutions for PSRM and ACUM alliance to work legally. In these conditions, DPM decided to give up on the Governance.

"Our decision has a political effect. It will partially solve the power blockage. DPM  has proven that they don't do whatever it takes to hold the power. Our decision will not solve the institutional crisis. The task of handling the power now belongs to PSRM-ACUM alliance.

We wanted to solve it through a decision, but our dialogues didn't lead on any compromises. Regardless the solutions that will be taken, the Government installed these days is illegal. The workers are not able to make the decisions of an illegal Government. Most probably, we will reach snap election.


DPM tries to make everything possible to create a legal government and parliament. We want to work for our country, regardless our offices. We understand that this parliamentary majority is temporary.

This is a new stage that DPM reached. We will continue to be in politics and specially we will work in citizens' interests. We will fight against the ones who want to federalize the country. 

We will obey our promise regarding the better living conditions for the citizens.

We promise that DPM will bring the stability in the country. We believe our supporters. We will make them proud of our team. DPM will support each of its members."


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