DPM Forum at Dubasari. Government's projects, appreciated by district's residents

According to members of the DPM, the changes were largely possible due to the efficient administration of the fiscal and customs fields.

The most recent decision was the government's decision to extend the list of single benefit recipients for the winter holidays. In addition to the 550,000 people who received 600 lei, another 61,000 will raise allowances.

Ana Oprea of Molovata Noua says she has already received her indemnity.

"Now I have 1,600, it has given me 600 lei, I spend more on medicines, I am very happy about the reforms, I am happy that there was much in the village", said Ana Oprea, the inhabitant of Molovata Noua village.

And other beneficiaries of this support claim that money will be of great help to them:

"For gifts to our grandchildren, let's put on the table what we lack, a mandarin, a banana, what we do not have", said Gheorghe Stamate, a resident of Marcauti village.

"We received, we are pleased, we will spend Christmas and New Year holidays for the family", said Ion Batrancea, a resident of Marcauti village.

People are also delighted that the Emergency Emergency Point of Cocieri serving neighboring localities has recently had a new ambulance.

"Now we have received a new ambulance, it is very comfortable, it is equipped with modern equipment, it goes well, we get to all requests in time", said Elena Tantuc, a doctor at the Cocieri Emergency Emergency Point.

At the same time, the mayors from Dubasari district say that the program "Good roads for Moldova" has changed the life of the villagers for the better.

"Within the framework of the project "Good roads for Moldova", there were selected sections linking the village institutions, and portions were selected for the year 2019. There is a future, an increase", said Oleg Gazea, mayor of Molovata Noua village.

"People saw this change and we wanted success. Due to the good tax administration, customs, due to the determination of the Democratic Party and the Government, because of the economic agents who paid the social contributions in time to get rid of the burden of taxes", said Valentina Buliga, DPM deputy.

During the forum, the organization DPM Dubasari enriched with new members.

"The territorial organization here in Dubasari district has over 400 members, and today we have received 15 new members, of which 11 mayors are members of the Democratic Party", said Angel Agache, DPM deputy.

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