Dozens of snow removal equipment took place on roads in capital

Chisinau Mayor's Office informs that today's 24 snow-removing machines took place on the roads in the capital

The first cars came out at 04.45 by sprinkling with anti-skidding material. Continue to operate on the main thoroughfares, the secondary ones on which public transport circulates and the access routes to suburban localities.

In total, Exdrupo scattered about 1 thousand tons of anti-skidding material, a mixture of salt and sand and 27 tons of liquid salt.

At the same time, the Housing-Communal planning and planning company began its activity on the sidewalks from 07:00, with 26 brush tractors and 8 HACO machines. Also, 215 workers are trained to cleanse the sidewalks, access roads inside the courtyard blocks of dwellings and in public transport stops. The intervention will continue throughout the day.

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