Dozens of Moldovans fined for picking walnuts off roads

Dozens of Moldovans have been fined last month because they picked nuts off the road.

Organic inspectors argue that people not only pick the fruits but also break the tree branches, causing damage to the trees.

Moreover, representatives of the State Road Administration point out that the wreckage of the trails is contaminated by the harmful car exhaust.

Moldovans are gathering walnuts to put them aside in the winter as well as earn some money.

Nicholas Kiktenko has been growing nuts for several decades. He says these must be harvested when the leaf starts to turn yellow. Otherwise, the trees are affected and the fruit of next year - compromised.

Organic inspectors in the country are racing to catch those who are rushing to pick up nuts off the road. Up to now, 25 fines worth up to 300 lei have been applied.

"All these actions, when they wipe nuts with different tools, in two, three years, make the walnut trees to start drying," said the State Ecological Inspection Director, Vadim Stângaci.

On the other hand, the State Road Administration says that the walnuts on the trails are planted to protect the dusty or blizzard road. And walnuts growing on the roadside are not edible.

Last year, the price of one kilogram of nuts was 150 lei.

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