Dozens of karate fighters hold an outdoor training in Capital park

Dozens of karate fighters organized a real demonstration of strength in a park in the Capital. They gathered for a joint outdoor training.

Anton Ignat is the founder of the first karate schools in Moldova. At the age of 74, he says that the most important reward for years of training is health.

"This is art, everyone learns, no matter the age. The health is the most important and it is earned, but not bought at the pharmacy," said Anton Ignat.

Victor Şircov has been practicing this kind of sport for 20 years. He managed to convey the passion to his two children who are his students.

"Dad told me that I need to be able to defend myself" Sofia Șircov said.

"Karate has always been a great thing for me, because, first of all, it means discipline, the ability to defend yourself in complicated situations and helps you to achieve something in life," said Victor Tircov.

Not only do victories and medals have value in karate, say athletes.

"For me karate is not a sport, it is an art that promotes a healthy way of life and develops you both spiritually and physically. It is very important to have this balance between strength and wisdom,"said Victor Negura.

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