Dozens horsemen competed in unprecedented show 'The Cup of Victory'

Twenty-six horse riders including children took part in an unprecedented race Victory Cup which was held on the racecourse in Budeşti, Chisinau. The competition was organized in age categories. 

Iulia Cuşnir participated for the first time and won the third place in children category. Due to nervousness, she failed to pass a bar. She said to undergo more intense training to achieve higher places. Both horsemen and their "partners" usually have to go over training for half a year before the competition. 

"In order to conquer this contest, we must run without kicking any bars. I did once. We will work harder further on", said Iulia Cuşnir.

This horse race seemed to make audience stay upbeat. 

"It's thrilling and I'm completely nervous to watch them racing. But it cheers me up", said a visitor. 

"Absolutely spectacular! They are professionally trained and well done", said another audience. 

An entrance ticket for adult costs 50 lei and for children (7-12 years old) - 30 lei. Children aged up to 7 years are free to enter. 


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