Dozens families in Leova district benefit social housing

More than 60 families in Leova district have benefited social housing. 31 of 92 apartments are intended for young specialists who come to work in the district. 

Beneficiaries are just waiting to arrange their rooms and move to their new home.

The Ţicău family has lived in the village of Filipeni so far with their parents. They say they always wanted to have a house of their own.

"We have that little cottage, where we live with mother and grandmother", said Ruslan Ţîcău, a beneficiary of social housing.

The happiest are the children because they will now easily go to schools. 

"It's very beautiful, I've long wanted to live here."

A playground for the little ones was also arranged in the courtyard of the building.

Part of the dwellings will be given to young specialists, who will come to work in Leova district in summer.

The event was attended by Minister of Regional Development and Environment Agriculture, Liviu Volconovici.

"In total, 670 apartments will be built in the Republic until the end of the year", stressed Liviu Volconovici.

The project value amounts to 3.3 million euros. 65 percent of the amount was provided by the Council of Europe Development Bank, and 35 percent contributed by the local authorities.

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