Double celebration, 'Our language' anthem marks 100 years anniversary

Double holiday. "Our Language" anthem ages one hundred years old now. It was first published by Alexei Mateevici in Luminatorul magazine in 1917, writes

In the Old and Rare Book collection from the National Library we found a whole series of Romanian journals published in the interwar period. These include "Cuvânt moldovesc" and "Luminatorul".

The Luminatorul contained lots of journalistic materials by outstanding personalities in Moldova, including Alexei Mateevici, author of theme "Our Language".

One of the first newspapers in Romanian language is "Raza". It was edited by the church though, there were articles covering various fields.

The articles were written by only 2 people and were in A2 format. By browsing the newspaper I also found unique pictures with Chisinau the other time.

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