Dorin Chirtoacă: We will address to European Court of Human Rights

Attorneys of Dorin Chirtoacă demand the court to cancel the decision to remove them from the case. The suspended Mayor claims that this decision is an illegal one.

"By refusing, once again, to examine the case of attorney removal, we run out of solutions in Republic of Moldova. We will further seek to address to the European Court of Human Rights."

In his turn, the prosecutor responsible for this case stated that all decision are fully legal.

"I will not comment on the defense. The court has allowed complaints to be added to the case, but it will not make decisions based on them alone."

The command to remove the attorney from the case has been emitted on 31st May. The decision was made, due to the fact that the defense tried to delay the trial. Dorin Chirtoacă was detained on 25th May and placed under house arrest in the case of paid parking facilities. He is suspected of influential trafficking and overworking duties. The suspended risks up to seven years in prison. During the next trial, set on 2nd of October, the judges will overview the attorneys requests of releasing Dorin Chirtoacă from under house arrest.


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