Dorin Chirtoaca was released from house arrest and judicial control

Dorin Chirtoaca was released. The magistrates of the Chisinau Court in Buiucani rejected the attorney's demarche and decided to release Dorin Chiroaca from his house arrtest. Thus, the mayor of the Capital can go wherever in the country, but he can't leave it's territory.

With all of these, Dorin Chirtoaca is not satisfied about the instance's decision. He said he will contest the decision at the Court of Appeal.

''Something is not right. It is a late decision, in accordance with the referendum and the people's opinion about all these. Probably, now there will be a pressure and rumors that I sold myself to Plahotniuc. I think that after this decision there will be attempts of public humiliation'', said Dorin Chirtoaca.

The prosecutor of the case didn't comment on the decision.

''I will study the decision and I will think about the contest of this'', said Victoria Furtuna.

 Dorin Chirtoaca said his opponents will speculate that this situation was organized by the leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc. After a few hours, the affirmation was confirmed by the PSRM members.

''This scheme is leaded by the leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotnoic. This scenario belongs to the liberals and democrats'', said Ion Ceban, the municipal adviser of PSRM.

The trial took place in the absence of the lawyers. Because of this, Dorin Chirtoaca had a defender. Dorin Chirtoaca was detained by the Anti-Corruption and CNA officers, on May 26. He was accused of traffic of influence and passive corruption in the case of paid parking case. Chirtoaca didn't recognize his guilt.

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