Dorin Chirtoacă once again rejected! Suspended Mayor will not be able to run a campaign

The court has rejected attorney's request to release Dorin Chirtoacă from house arrest, to make a campaign. Therefore, suspended Mayor of Chisinau will not be able to participate, along with Liberal Party, in the referendum that will take place on November 19.

"We fully reject the lawyer  Iovu Tatiana's request to release her client, Dorin Chirtoacă from under house arrest" magistrate Alexandru Negru said.

Dorin Chirtoacă has commented upon the unjust decision.

"From the moment the referendum was allowed to take place, where Chisinau's citizens will judge me, it automatically meant that the sentence will be done same way. It is obvious that someone is pulling the strings, it is all just one big joke" suspended Mayor declared.

The attorney claim that Chirtoacă's request is groundless.

"In the Penal Code, article 195 states all conditions under which house arrest can be lifted, when the accusation's claims that were used in the decision making can be rejected. The defendant had not presented any proof that there are no risks of committing a new crime" Anticorruption attorney, Dumitru Robu said.

The electoral campaign will end on November 17. The citizens will decide at the referendum whether Dorin Chirtoacă will remain Chisinau's Mayor. He was not registered as a candidate, as the request was submitted by a third party. Dorin Chirtoacă is accused of accepting bribery and power peddling, with parking spots. Another case suspects him of going out of his jurisdiction. Dorin Chirtoacă pleads innocent.

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