Dorin Chirtoacă backs Gaudeamus demolition: It has no architectural value

Dorin Chirtoacă, former mayor of Capital, wants the Gaudeamus cinema to be demolished. In a television show, Chirtoacă said the edifice is of no architectural interest.

"It is not an architectural monument. That building is going to be demolished anyway. We'll see what to replace that building. It does not make sense to keep the building bankrupt, it does not produce any kind of economic activity. Nobody has visited it and it has been closed for years, "said Dorin Chirtoacă, former city governor.

Chisinau City Hall has issued a permit for the demolition of the Gaudeamus cinema, which is privately owned since August 2016. The works started last week, but were suspended after several people showed dissatisfaction that the building would be laid to the ground.
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