Donald Trump: North Korea is on a suicide mission

President of USA has threatened to annihilate North Korea, in case authorities from Pyongyang will force their hand.

Donald Trump has made the first speech at United Nations 72nd General Assembly, where he harshly criticized North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, even calling him "Rocket Man".

"Rocket Man is currently on a path of self-destruction. No sane person from this world wishes to see those criminals get their hand on nuclear weapons and missiles", President  Donald Trump declared.

Donald Trump requested all member states of UN to not stand idle, but increase pressure upon North Korea, until they don't cease the nuclear weapon program. Within his speech, President of USA, has also drew attention to Iran, accusing it of corruption.

"The Government of Iran is using democracy to hide a corrupt tyranny. It destroyed a beautiful country, with rich history and culture, making it into a poor and violent one, bathed in the blood of innocent people."

Donald Trump stated that those from UN are putting too much accent on aristocracy and to little on the it will bring in the end. USA donated most money to UN and now believes that those investments are unrewarding.

President of France though, Emmanul Macron, has shown more concern toward the situation in Syria. The official declared that the main issue of the next meeting they will lead, will concentrate on offering aid to this country.

"We must ensure that everyone has access to medical assistance. Making sure that everyone is taken care of is one of the main concern of France within the General Assembly", Emmanuel Macron said.

World leaders have gathered for the first round of the meeting on Tuesday. PM Pavel Filip will represent Moldova at United Nations 72nd General Assembly. During this meeting he plans to meet other officials to discuss the possibility of strengthening bilateral diplomatic relations and cooperation. He will be accompanied by Minister of External Affairs and European Integration, Andrei Galbur, as well as other legal entities and diplomats.

Earlier, the Government of Chisinau has requested to include the topic of withdrawing Russian troops from the territory of Moldova. This issue has been added to the additional list and will be examined in October at the United Nations 72nd General Assembly.

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