Domnica Manole and Tatiana Raducanu stay in the Constitutional Court contest. The list of the candidates

16 candidates were submitted to the contest to occupy the function of a judge at the Constitutional Court. The decision was taken today within the judiciary Commission's session. Among the submitted ones is also the judge Domnica Manole, which was previously kicked out of the system and also ran at the parliamentary elections on ACUM Block's list Another candidate which is supported by the actual governance is Tatiana Raducanu, Alexandru Machedon's aunt. 

The list of the submitted to the contest:

1. GROSU Vladimir 
2. CÂRNAȚ Teodor 
3. NEGRU Andrei 
4. ISTRATE Angela 
5. BURIAN Alexandru 
6. BOIȘTEANU Eduard 
7. EȘANU Nicolae 
8. ROȘCA Nicolae 
9. CORJ Mihai 
10. RĂDUCANU Tatiana 
11. MIDRIGAN Pavel 
12. MANOLE Domnica 
13. GUCEAC Ion 

Within the judiciary Commission session, appointments and immunities was decided to exclude Oleg Potrîrniche from the contest.

The contest for the two judge positions of the Constitutional Court of the Parliament will take place on Wednesday, on July 24, starting with 9:00 AM.
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