Dolganiuc about Andrei Năstase: Fair shake in City Hall

DA party President, Andrei Năstase, who has nominated himself for candidacy of Chisinau Mayor, seemingly doesn't receive massive support of pro-European front. The statement belongs to Valentin Dolganiuc, who used to be close to Năstase.

Moreover, Dolganiuc says there is a need for a Civic Fora, composed of parties and members of civil society, to decide whether Andrei Nastase is a suitable candidate. For the, Valentin Dolganiuc said that identifying a joint candidate of the pro-European parties is the only chance for the Chisinau municipality not to be adjudicated by the socialists.

Previously, the European Civic Movement in Moldova, including Valentin Dolganiuc, called on the pro-European forces to nominate a joint candidate for local elections in Balti and Chisinau. Later PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc, announced last week that the party will support a single candidate that will be imposed on the socialists.

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