Doing business. Moldovans are selling holy water near church

People are selling holy water near a church in Ciocana sector of the capital. Moldovan Church representatives say it's prohibited for holy water to be sold. Even if so, people are standing in line in order to buy at least one bottle.

A bottle of holy water costs up to 25 lei. 

Church representatives claim there is no infringement.

Some orthodox christians have deemed holy water can only be taken for free and do not trust the product put on sale.

Others, however, decided to buy a bottle of holy water, although they think prices are too high.

Moldovan Church representatives claim that the sale of holy water is inadmissible.

"The Orthodox Church does not allow the sale of holy water" , said Secretary of Moldovan Church.

Christians believe holy water helps them get rid of body and soul wounds, according to tradition. 

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