Doing Business 2018: Moldova registered significant progress in business launching

Last year, Republic of Moldova registered a significant progress in business launching. World Bank's report "Doing Business 2018" shows that Moldova is ranked 44th out of 190, same place as in 2016. Despite this, in 2017, our country reached a 0.20 point progress.

The data shows that at the chapter of enterprise creation, Moldova received a score of 93.76 out of 100. Entrepreneurs have to complete four procedures in five days. When it comes to receiving building permit, the score is of 51.98, while registering private property of 82.60.

Republic of Moldova is located between Serbia and Romania in the ranking. Our neighbor having also maintained their position as in 2016. Russia is ranked 35th, while Ukraine 76th.

Doing Business 2018 also shows that best conditions to launch a business can be found in New Zealand. It being followed by Singapore and Denmark. In top five is also found South Korea and Hong Kong.

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