Dodon requested the Supreme Court to decide if he is obliged or not to name the prime minister

Igor Dodon president asked the Constitutional Court if he has the right to name somebody for the prime-minister office, in case the Parliament doesn't have a president. Thus, the Presidency requested the CC to check on this subject as soon as possible.

Recently, the president of the country declared that in case the Supreme Court find out the President is obliged to name it, he will start negotiations with the parties.

Dodon also said that in case this thing is not compulsory, he will not intervene. In these conditions, the deputies should make a compromise. Otherwise, the legislative will be dissolved. 

A similar case happened in 2015. Then, President Nicolae Timofti proposed Ion Sturza as a minister.

Then, the magistrates found out that if there isn't a parliamentary majority, the president is obliged to propose a prime minister.

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