DODON BETRAYED HIS VOTERS. People say he must hold accountable for his actions

Betrayed and disappointed. This is the main feeling that share the citizens who voted for Igor Dodon at the presidential elections, after they found out about his federalization plan.

Citizens are shocked by the images that appeared in press in which Dodon recognizes that his party was monthly financed by Russians with about one million USD.

The news about president's will to federalize the country are disturbing for Rezina district, in which in the second tour of the presidential elections he got the most votes. People of Tareuca and Cuizauca are feeling betrayed. 

'We are outraged by the president's actions. The people will rebel'.

'The people doesn't need such reckless actions'.

'He must resign. He must give up his function to the one who will take care of Moldova's citizens'.

The villagers from Seliste and Sarata Noua of Leova district say that they never felt before such a politic pressure. In 2016, most of them voted for Dodon.

'He took too much money without anyone to know'.

'It's not ok. The taken money were not alright. He couls find any other investments'.

People are considering Dodon a Homeland Traitor.

'The situation is very difficult He must held accountable for his actions'.

'Federation? I do not agree. We need our country back'.

We remind that Publika TV got into possession of a video evidence from the negotiations of PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc, in which the state president recognized his financing by the Russians.
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