Dodon accused of lying Moldovans working in Russia

The leader of the Party of Regions of Moldova, Alexandr Kalinin, who is also the president of the Moldovan Diaspora Congress, accuses the head of state of lying to Moldovans who are working in Russia.

According to Kalinin, Moldovans whose legal residence expired on Russia and return in Moldova will no longer head back Russia, as Igor Dodon announced.

Because the migratory amnesty, which the president speaks about, does not exempt them from sanctions and even from criminal liability.

"The President had another purpose: to pull people back to Moldova and vote for him. I assure you that tens of thousands of people will suffer from this amnesty and will not able to return to Russia, "said Alexandr Kalinin, the president of the Party of Regions of Moldova.

Two months ago, President Igor Dodon announced that he reached an agreement with the Russian authorities on the amnesty of Moldovan citizens who have violated the residence regime.

According to Dodon, they will be banned from entering the Russian Federation if they leave the country no later than February 1 and return to Russia no earlier than March 15th. The president has not yet commented Kalinin's allegations.

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