Doctors at Mother and Child Institute support constitutional Filip government

Doctors at the Mother and Child Institute support the only constitutional government, the Filip government, and urge the political class to dialogue to solve the political crisis in our country.

"We urge everybody in Moldova to contribute by their right attitudes in this difficult situation of the country. Respect the law, remain calm and prevent any challenges to our country. 

We express our support for Filip government, the only legal legitimate government of Republic of Moldova, who are still fulfilling their duties and administrate our affairs. 

We consider this actual political gridlock needs to be resolved through dialogues in the political class, based on respect of rule of law and sincere commitment to seek better solutions for our country. 

We hope that our country to continue develop and political conflicts are resolved peacefully in accordance with Constitution", quoted the message of doctors", according to the appeal made by the doctors from the Mother and Child Institute.

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