Dobrovolschi's future activity at national football team is unknown

The members of the Executive Committee of Moldovan Football Federation started the discussions about the trainer's future activity in the football club.

At the same time, some of the football club's members say the time to make a change at the team's leading already came.

"The team haven't receive enough help from the trainer. The players are very good. I think the foreign trainers use our national team as a trampoline. So they can write in their CV they have been working for a foreign team", mentioned Nicolae Sandu, deputy President of FMF.

Igor Dobrovolschi, the actual coach of Moldova has a contract with the federation till the end of this year, but, till now, his future activity at the national team is unknown, because of the international championship's results. Our team has only two draws with Georgian team and it was placed on the last position in D group.

"Dobrovolschi is a contradictory trainer. He has many good qualities, but he should prepare the team better. Or, he shouldn't be tyrant with his players."

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