Dispute in the Parliament! Andrian Candu gave a legislation 101 to Vladimir Voronin

President of Moldovan Parliament and Andrian Candu and leader of Communist Party Vladimir Voronin have exchanged words. The latter seemed displeased by the fact that Andrian Candu expresses his opinions and claims them to be of the whole Parliament. In his turn, Candu gave a legislation 101 and proved that as a spokesman he must represent the Legislative.

"You have recently started making declarations regarding different subject on a daily basis. Do you truly believe that the whole Parliament agrees with those declarations, with those opinions? The Parliament is not only its President", Vladimir Voronin said.

Andrian Candu has decided to avoid the subject: "I thank you for sharing. Next Mrs. Bodnarenco."

Later, being questioned by deschide.md, the official declared that Mr. Voronin most likely has started to forget the legislation and needs to once in a while review it again: "I believe he was bothered by my declarations toward the referendum from Catalonia  and by the fact that the Parliament condemns and accuses Catalan authorities for deciding to proclaim independence."

Earlier, Andrian Candu declared that Moldova fully supports Spain's sovereignty. According to him, our country faced the issue of separatism for the past 25 years. Therefore, known of the consequences, our authorities have expressed their support for Spain's integrity.

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