Disposable plastic dish ban initiated in Parliament

Authorities aim to ban the use and production of the disposable plastic dish in over three years. A group of Deputies registered an initiative in Parliament in this regard. 

The document provides for fines of up to 12,000 lei for those who will continue to use these objects, which seriously affect the environment.

"In particular, the document prohibits plastic plates, cutlery and sticks. According to the authors of the project, it takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose which affects ecology and human health," said PUBLIKA TV correspondent Oxana Bodnar.

The authors of the bill propose that these objects will be made of natural materials, for example starch.

"We gave the deadline of 1 January 2021 to have enough time for importers to review the import sources, and those who produce to re-run so than they can produce from biodegradable components," said MP Vlas.

Currently, plastic dishes are checked by specialists from the National Agency for Public Health. 

Although some people claim that this type of dish is convenient, many of them welcome the initiative:

"According to the European conditions, plastic dishes should be removed."

The document is to be examined by the Government and the Parliament.

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