Dismissed Government and PM Maia Sandu in the last Cabinet meeting

The dismissed prime minister Maia Sandu held the last government meeting and delivered her last speech as a prime minister today. 

She chastised Igor Dodon and the Chicu Government. 

"We defeated a corrupt regime, we will break up the second one", said Sandu. 

"They declared they would form a technocratic apolitical government, but it's actually a government formed of presidential advisers. Both PDM and PSRM said they rejected an alliance, but they now make it", Maia Sandu added. 

Declining to answer any questions, she wanted to deliver a message. 

"I want to encourage the honest officials to hold your correct attitudes towards the citizens even though it will be extremely difficult with the new government". 

In the last government meeting, the dismissed ministers managed to approve the law 270 regarding the salaries for public employees. 

"It was adopted quickly without calculating. Now we will come with a government decision on local budget for salary payment. This decision will ensure the salaries for October and November in many localities. The next government will need to examine the situation in the following period", said Natalia Gavrilița in the cabinet meeting. 

The cabinet also voted on the resignation of Andrei Spânu from the position of secretary general, the resignation of state secretaries Ion Dodon and Alexandru Voloc. 

After the motion of censure against Sandu government was voted on Nov 12, all the parties in the parliament failed to reach an agreement to form a new ruling coalition.

On Nov 13, PSRM issued a press release, thereby informing that it started all procedures for the establishment of a technocrat government.   

The coalition last week ACUM-PSRM clashed over who should have the power to appoint a new prosecutor general. Sandu wanted to be able to make the choice herself, but the Socialists wanted a special commission under the justice ministry to decide.




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