Disaster generated by rains in Ceadir-Lunga (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Disaster in households after the heavy rains. After the heavy precipitations, the rescuers and fire fighters from Ceadir-Lunga have worked together to pump and evacuate the water and to liquidate the consequences from the rains.

Thus, 107 private households, from which 59 basements, 32 houses (including 9 houses partially damaged) were helped.

Additionally, were affected 223.5 hectares of crops, from which 22.5 hectares of sunflower, 25 hectares of corn, 15 hectares of tobacco, 98 hectares of wheat, 43 hectares of barley, and were damaged local roads, on a distance of totally 22 kilometers.

All the water pumping works from private households were done by a team of 53 employees of Emergency Situations and Civil Protection Service with 8 fire trucks and 12 motor pumps (including 2 large-scale capacity motor pumps), helped by the Territorial Police Inspectorate with 10 employees and 4 cars, by 20 military men and the Local Public Administration with 28 employees and 9 technical units with 2 motor pumps.

The consequences liquidation works will be done today too, the situation being monitored continuously.

The rescuers are requesting from citizens to take into account the indications of the authorities and to call 901, for help, in case they are in emergency cases of have observed other persons in danger.

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