Disability pensions will increase starting 1st January 2018

Starting 1st January 2018, people with special needs will receive bigger allocations. The project, elaborated by Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare, was exposed for public consultations. It foresees raising disability pensions in the next three years.

According to this documents, those with a profound disability, will receive over 150 lei more, the pension being of around 820 lei. Those with severe disability will receive 765 lei, while moderate disabled people will gain 546 lei.

For this purpose, the state budget will offer additional 68.5 million lei for the next year. At the same time, the project foresees raises till 2020. Therefore, people with profound disability will receive 896 lei, those with severe disability will have 836 lei, while people with moderate disability will receive 600 lei, by 2020.

For raising the disability pensions in 2019 and 2020, will be necessary close to 147 million lei. According to the statistics, in our country reside around 39 thousand people with special needs.

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