Director of Apa Canal Chisinau resigns from his position after scandal

After being accused of favoring his daughter during a few tenders and working in a luxurious office, the director of Apa-Canal, Constantin Becciev, has decided to resign, reports

At least this was declared by the chief of the Municipal Finance Department, Veronica Herta, during the show Reality Today from Realitatea TV.

“I was announced on Friday, 2 September 2016, at 16:30 through a phone call about the fact that there have been given the request for a holiday, after which he would vacate the position. The request was counter-signed by the technical director of the enterprise” said Veronica Herta.

The Chief of the Finances Department thinks that the way Becciev decided to leave the position does not correspond with the legal provisions:

“The Labor Code foresees that the holidays are given according to the schedule done until 15 December in our case. After which the leave on holiday is allowed by the employer. The president of the administration council has the labor contract. It was not signed by me” said the chief of the Finances Department.

“We are mentioning that following an audit performed by the National Agency of Regulation in Energy at the Municipal Enterprise Apa Canal were found expenditures of hundreds of thousands lei which Becciev did in order to furniture his own office.”

Moreover, he has favored his daughter’s company in many tenders contracted by the institution.

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