Dire straits in Otaci. The City Hall calls on people's help for the victims that were left homeless

The Otaci City Hall is asking for people's help. The local authorities opened a bank account and is asking the big-hearted citizens to donate money for the victims.

The money can be transferred on this bank acocunt IBAN - MD51ML000000002251260382.
Also, the City Hall allocated 180 000 MDL for the families that were left on the streets after a nine-floor block of flats has crashed.

It is to mention that the Sandu Government didn't allocate even a Cent to help the victims.

On June 19, a nine-floor block of flats has crashed in Otaci City of Ocnita district. The people were evacuated before the incident occurred, so no victims were registered.

After the incident, 36 families were left homeless.
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