Dignity and Truth party penals. Valeriu Casu to face trial

Valeriu Casu, one of the ten suspects arrested in April 2016 after a violent protest organized by the "Dignity and Truth" party, behind which stay the Victor and Viorel Topa mobsters, will face the judges.

Prosecutors announced that the investigation is on its nearly end and the case will be sent to judges in the near future.

He is accused of robbery.

"The crime took place in September and they have been detained in October. Valeriu Casu is among the three listed" , said prosecutor Natalia Ababii.

Valeriu Casu and two of his accomplices are accused of beating a man in the center of the capital and stealing his cell phone, $100, 500 lei, a watch and a gold bracelet.

Now, all three of them are in custody.

Prosecutors avoid saying whether they admit their guilt but say hat their case will be soon sent to trial.

"We are at the final stage of investigation and we'll sent the case to trial for a decision" , said the prosecutor.

If they are guilty,  they risk up to 10 years in prison for robbery.

Th mobster Victor Topa has turned Casu's case into a political one. Ant it's not the only one.

The summer of 2016, another activist of Dignity and Truth party, Sergiu Cebotari, has beendetained by police after 16 people from Nisporeni village have complained of working without being payed.

Another citizen has accused Cebotari for stealing his property. This time, the media paid by Topa mobsters have tried to turn the case into an alleged political case.

 Aureliu Pisica is another protester with a criminal past. He was convicted for murder of a man in a car accident, but escaped punishment.

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