Different interview with Pavel Filip. Prime minister talked about his family and hobbies (PHOTO)

Pavel Filip offered an interview for Altitude magazine. The politician discussed about his grandson Patric, Sharky pet and traveling.

The prime minister told about his only passion is his grandson Patric. His smile treats all his problems.

Within the interview, he also told about his dog Sharky. He loves him so much and even takes him at work during the weekends. He received this dog as a present from the State Protection and Guard Service.

The official also says that he is fond of traditions. This made him organize the Christmas Fair for the second time. Pavel Filip said that when he was a child he loved the winter holidays so much.

The prime minister also said that he loves to travel so much. The traveling does not only mean relax, but also new experience for him. 

The chief of the Ministers' Cabinet also talked about the touristic potential of Moldova.

"We are a rural country. We have a lot to show: our villages, cuisine and so on."


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