Did parliament majority breach Electoral Code to designate candidates for CEC members?

Parliament announced candidates proposed for member of Central Electoral Commission which violated the Electoral Code and swept aside the recommendations of the Venice Commission. This opinion was expressed by Democratic deputy Sergiu Sîrbu. 

"The Judiciary Committee of Legislature Permanent Office was convened urgently. I just heard that they will designate three members. The actual majority violated the Electoral Code and ignored the recommendations of Venice Commission. According to our country's electoral legislature, members of CEC shall be designated by parliament majority and opposition", said Sergiu Sîrbu.

Parliament proposed the former lawyer of Andrei Nastase, Pavel Dumitru as CEC member.

Another candidate is Dorin Cimil who was proposed by PAS, according to Judiciary Committee President Sergiu Litvinenco. 

Meanwhile, PSRM put forward Maxim Lebedinschi. 


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