Diaspora member about Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase: You think we are fools. You betrayed us (VIDEO)

Igor Cereteu, a representative of Diaspora and an active participant of the opposition's protests posted a video on his Facebook page, where he criticized Masa Sandu's decision to run on the No.50 constituency, because it should be represented by a Diaspora member.

The man says that due to this decision, Maia Sandu and the members of ACUM bloc show that they don't care about Diaspora. "They have proven that they don't care about Diaspora. You think we are fools? You think we don't deserve our representative in the Parliament?"

Cereteu asked Masa Sandu why didn't she run in Falesti, her native town. He accuses Maia Sandu that she stole the right of Diaspora to have their own representative in the Parliament.

In his opinion, Sandu doesn't know about the problems that Diaspora faces, even if she has been working in the USA many years ago. The man also said that he attended the rallies of Nastase. But, the members of Diaspora has set some requirements which show their needs. They gave these requests to Maia Sandu, but nothing changed.

"Diaspora needs its representative in the Parliament. You just used us. I saw the lists. There is nobody from Diaspora. You manipulate with people, because you know that it hurts them. You know that they all want to return back in their country", said Igor Cereteu.

Igor Cereteu accuses Maia Sandu of dividing the Moldovans. 

"Diaspora should be represented by three active members of it."

People on social media commented on the message of this video: "We are disappointed", "No one is good".

We remind that within a press conference, ACUM bloc presented the candidates for the uninominal constituencies. Maia Sandu will run on the No.50 constituency (Western Europe),  Dumitru Alaiba will run on No.51 constituency (the USA and Canada), writes telegraph.md.

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