DEVIL'S ADVOCATE in company of Viorel Țopa, Renato Usatîi and Răzvan Paveliu (PHOTO)

New evidence proving the link between the devil’s advocate Ana Ursachi with the runaway gangster Viorel Țopa. Lots of Moldovan media have received pictures from the devil’s advocate personal archives.

In the photos, Ana Ursachi appears in the company of Viorel Țopa, of criminal mayor Renato Usatîi, and Răzvan Paveliu, Ţopa’s brother-in-law. A car from the pictures has German plate numbers and belongs to Viorel Țopa.

The person who has sent the photos asks why the lawyer needed to shoot the plate number. Earlier, media wrote Ana Ursachi would spy on and gather compromising materials about her clients.

The devil’s advocate was also involved in scams of striping poor people from their dwellings and complicity to murder. She would have been an accomplice to her former husband, who had allegedly killed a woman to take her apartment, cold-bloodedly, 19 years now.

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