Devil's advocate Ana Ursachi, officially accused of murder

Ana Ursachi, also known to the Moldovan public as the devil’s advocate, is officially accused in a criminal file on a murder committed 19 years now.

The status has been advanced without her being present, since she has not turned up to the prosecutor’s office, despite being subpoenaed thrice.

The prosecutors have submitted the request to issue a 30-day arrest warrant to her. If the court upholds it, the prosecutors will ask the police to announce her as wanted internationally.

The criminal probe on the case was resumed after a journalistic investigation showing the lawyer and her husband were part of a gang in the 90s, who murdered a woman to get her apartment.

Ana Ursachi has lately defended a series of controversial politicians and businessmen as Veaceslav Platon, Renato Usatîi, Grigore Petrenco and Alexandr Petkov.

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