Development projects to be launched with assistance of external partners

Prime Minister Pavel Filip chaired the second meeting of Interministerial Committee for Startegic Planning(CIPS) on November 17th, 2016.

The prime minister welcomed the fact that the permanent format of meetings has been achieved, stating that the last meeting was held just over a month ago.

CIPS members have discussed several issues related to development projects that are ongoing and will be launched with the assistance of external partners.

Thus, they examined the aspects of the preparation of "Modernization of government services in Moldova" project, financed by the World Bank, namely measures to ensure the transition to this e-government project, which expires at the end of the year.

In this regard, decisions were made to ensure technical maintenance of e-government infrastructure, quality service and continuity of these infrastructures in terms of modernization of public services in Moldova.

Also, the proposal of the Ministry of Education regarding the "Educational Reform" project for the renovation of educational institutions, financed by the World Bank has been accepted. Thus, some of the responsibilities of the Ministry regarding the project will be submitted to Moldova's Social Investment Fund (FISM) because of the vast experience in the field.  In this context, $ 12 million will be transferred for the renovation of 15 schools selected by the Interministerial Coordinating Council   only after the completing of necessary procedures.  

During the meeting, the proposal to implement the SMURD project has been discussed, along with a list of investment projects in the new framework of strategic partnership with the World Bank for the years 2018-2022.

The Interministerial Committee for Strategic Planning consists of government members and representatives of the central government and has the task of providing an integrated process of strategic planning, which would be linked effectively to national priorities with policies developed by specialized central administration public, international commitments and the internal and external resources.

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